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Finding a reliable and trustworthy car spare parts shop for your Korean cars is not an easy task. If you want genuine Korean auto parts for your vehicle, look no further. . . Our experience and knowledge about Korean cars is top-notch and we know the importance of using only reliable and authentic car parts from Korea. We beat the competition with the best prices on the market for quality that you know you can rely on. Welcome to Koreaspareparts.com owned by Three Diamond Auto (M) Sdn Bhd – a Korean cars spare parts specialist located in Kuala Lumpur catering to needs of providing spare parts of vehicles of Korea, mainly Ssangyong, KIA, Hyundai and Daewoo.

We have been in the business of supplying Korea car spare parts since 1994 and we have a wide range of more than 2,000 different spare parts imported from OEM suppliers in Korea for our customers’ requirements. You can have our assurance of quality genuine parts, OEM or aftermarket parts at a very competitive price.  We have the means to obtain the original pieces you need even if they’re manufactured halfway around the globe. “Our policy is to make lifetime customers. We make sure that once a customer deals with us, he never has to go anywhere else”. We satisfy all your requirements by offering every product you need at the most reasonable prices.

Our range of products are: Cylinder Head,Pistons w/Liner,Piston Rings,Crankshaft,Camshaft,Connecting Rod,Engine Valves,Gasket Overhaul,Engine Sensors,Fuel Injectors,High Pressure Fuel Pump,Brake Pads,Brake Shoes,Oil filters,Fuel filters,Air filters,Engine Mounting,Suspension Bushing,Shock Absorbers, Suspension Arms, Steering Rack,Steering Pump,Radiators,Air Cond Condenser, Clutch Disc,Clutch Pressure Plates,Clutch Release Bearing,Wheel Bearing,Oil Seals,etc,..
Body Parts:-Front Bonnet,Grille Radiator,Fenders Front,Fender Rear,Side Sills,Headlamps,Parking Lamp,Tail Lamps,Windscreen Glass,Window Glass.Tailgate Glass,etc,….ssangyong mercedes mb140d auto spare parts engine parts chassis parts fuel system parts transmission parts axle parts differential parts brake pad brake disc brake master cylinder brake booster cylinder head pistons gaskets cylinder head intake valve exhaust valve connecting rod crankshaft bearing main bearing wheel bearing oil seals shock absorber parking cable air filter oil filter fuel filter water pipe water inlet hose water outlet hose water tank radiator fan blade fan clutch fan belt relay ignition key starter motor alternator water pump tensioner timing chain

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We Also Sells Quality Engine Cylinder Head Made In China with Warranties From China Factory Manufacturers.Please Feels Free To Email Your Enquiries Or To Customize Your Own Engine Cylinder Heads.